Real life simulation

The centrepiece of our Leadership Experience Centre is the simulator hall. A real life working environment is created where you are 100% immersed in seconds. A 15 meter parabolic screen is part of that, together with offices, people, sounds, tablets and hand sets creating going on activities. The look and feel are real life for you as professional leader.
Sessions are built up around scenarios specific created for a wide variety of your personal leadership needs. More than 350 tested scenarios are available to design your individual sessions. They are always tailor-made delivered to meet your potentials for personal change.
Scenarios can be briefed or non-briefed with professional actors interfering. The scenarios are controlled from the control room where the outcomes are measured by observers. You reflect on your actions in feedback sessions. The actors and observers are highly experienced in feedback using scoring and observation systems grounded on a clear vision upon learning and development of leadership in our Leadership Challenge Model.
“A unique and innovative way to develop people. A safe environment that allows ‘trial’ without the ‘errors’”
Sir John Egan, CEO Jaguar Cars, CEO BAA, President of the Confederation of British Industry