Making the difference

Our Leadership Challenge Model is based on world wide recognised leadership models. We adopted the concept of experiential learning that develop your knowledge and skills with high speed by actively processing new information and by undertaking actions. This creates an unique opportunity for a deep and critical reflection, stimulating transformational learning and innovative actions.


In our Leadership Experience Centre you can work on all relevant leadership issues like negotiations, engage/disengage, teamwork, but also vision, culture and strategy. And not only by talking about it but really by doing it. You can use all your power, imagination, knowledge and passion to discover exciting new ways of leadership.

You will be immersed in a high fidelity environment, experiencing all characteristics, complexities, interactions, communications and emotions. You are fully responsible for fulfilling the role of leader. After the sessions you are invited to describe, analyse and summarise your own thinking processes and behaviour. It will uncover mental frameworks and thought structures that guides your actions.


After 15 years of experience our most eye-catching result is that you can find better ways bringing your people together who are not automatically willing, able or interested to do so.

– Self scoring
– Observed scoring
– Reflection
– Feed-back
– 21 Leadership Competences
– 12 Communication Styles
– 4 Leadership Talents
– 9 Leadership Habits
available on 6 levels

“What people can learn in one week using Real Life Simulation has personally taken me 5 years of daily practice”
Jaap Werner – Director Innovation & Development of Volker Wessels Stevin