Tested worldwide

In 2000 the top 20 contractors in the Netherlands realised the world’s first Leadership Experience Centre for the construction industry (formerly called Building Management Simulation Centre, BMSC). It’s housed in the iconic Crystalic building in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
After the successful start the Charted Institute of Building CIOB promoted a similar facility for the British market that opened its doors in 2010. A purpose-designed building is housing the Centre as part of the Technology Park at Coventry, UK. Finally the Master Builders Association MBA in Australia created the third centre in 2012 just at the corner of the CBD of Melbourne. We are working now on more Leadership Experience Centres word-wide.
Since the start more than 35,000 trainees have used the Leadership Experience Centres with a very high level of satisfaction. In these 15 years the Leadership Challenge Model has changed from focussing on managing processes to leadership as the core business. The three Experience Centres are all created for the construction industry but the recently developed scenarios are not specific construction at all.